Spirits, Wine, Beer Sampling

  • Measurable Liquid to Lips Sampling Campaigns

    Never again waste marketing dollars on sampling campaigns not knowing whether or not the people who participated ever bought your product.

  • Activations with People with Whom You're in Relationship

    You're key on-premise and retail accounts have relationships with those who love your brand. We can help make those people, your people.

  • On-Premise Leading to Retail

    Our sampling platform comes with benefits for the entire supply chain. Distribution, on-premise and retail all benefit from the use of our system.

  • Brand Ambassador/Influencer Marketing with Metrics

    No platform or software tool in the spirits, wine and beer marketing place delivers Ambassador/Influencer driven campaigns the way ours does.

  • Completely Compliant

    Our team wouldn't put our work at risk or the brands for whom we work. When you work in the alcohol space, one has to have their ducks in a row. We do.

My Projects and Passions

In addition to Shared Spirits

Meet Sherman

Leveraging Technology to Revolutionize Sampling Programs in the Spirits, Wine and Beer Business

My colleagues and I have been building Shared Spirits and the platform it runs on for years now. If you're desire is to leverage social, mobile, influencers, and your ambassadors for a more profitable end, I and my team have your solutions.
Meet Sherman

My Team

Spirits Pros, Tech Pros, Agency Pros, Data Science Pros and Financial Pros. All on my team.

Thoughts and Ramblings

I write. Mostly on LinkedIn but contribute here as well.

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