Smart Phone App Consulting

You know how companies spend big money on app development that doesn't work? I prevent that. It saves companies money and leads to quicker results.

Business Intelligence

Your board is asking, "What are we doing in big data?" I'll help you answer the question with real strategies.

Social Technology

It's way past social media in my world. You need to know what each click really means to your top and bottom lines.

You’ll see a theme through this site

I'm not a transaction oriented sales guy. If you're looking for someone to help your team sell more print adds in a publication or radio spots, I'm not your guy. If however, you know it is time to take your business to the customer in a better way, a way that involves actually listening to them, then I can help.

I help companies build smart phone app strategies, email strategies, and engagement strategies around assets they generally already have and aren't deploying properly. If pros are needed, I know how to find them and project manage them so your needs are met for thousands less than you may have imagined.

If mobile engagement, business intelligence, or social technologies are hot buttons for your company I'm here to help.

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