Spirits, Wine, and Beer Sampling, Tasting, and Activations Utilizing a Blue Ocean Strategy Six Paths Framework. Our Final Path: Looking Across Time

We have been looking at Blue Ocean Strategy’s Six Paths Framework as part of a company’s move to uncontested market space and growth. For a quick reminder and for context here is a graphical reminder of what the Six Paths are. The final path is looking across time. In the context of what role time […]

If You Market Your Spirits or Wine Brand Functionally, Look Across Emotion. If You Market Emotionally, Look Across Function.

When one generally thinks about spirits or wine sampling, the image that comes to mind generally involves a person standing behind a table or stand and they’re shouting out to you as you stroll through the liquor store. If you have time and any interest whatsoever, you mosey up to the table, listen to a […]

A Blue Ocean Strategy Canvas for Broken Spirits and Wine Sampling Programs

One might ask, why characterize the sampling and activation parts of the spirits and wine industries as broken? I’ll break it down. Over the last couple of years, the Shared Spirits team asked and witnessed the following issues over and over. They asked a few questions. It’s the Blue Ocean way. To a Sales Director […]