2014′s Biggest Trends: The World Gets Smart, Proximity Gets Closer, and Facebook Turns 10

By Alex Spencer

Murph 2014 FB

David Murphy:
10 Years of Facebook

In an industry as fast-moving and volatile as this one, the idea of picking out one theme that has characterised the last 12 months is a challenging one. We’ve seen the continued rise of programmatic and native, a plethora of wearable tech, and numerous attempts to solve the cross-screen attribution issue.

But amidst all the noise, one company stands out from the pack for me for what it’s done in mobile in 2014, and that’s Facebook, which turned 10 in February, and bought itself a large stack of presents in the form of billion-dollar acquisitions.

Sure, other companies have spent – Google bought more than 30 companies in 2014, most notably Nest for $3.2bn (£2bn) and DeepMind for $242m. Yahoo was also active, snapping up Flurry for $200m and BrightRoll for $640m, as well as MessageMe and CoolIris. Even Apple spent $3bn on Beats.

By contrast, Facebook has been relatively reserved in terms of the number of companies it has bought, but on the other hand, incredibly ballsy in terms of what it has bought and how much it was prepared to pay for them. The purchase price for ProtoGeo, the company behind the Moves app, was …read more

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