2015 Predictions: Dunnhumby

By Alex Spencer


Every working day from now until the end of the year, we’re posting 2015 prediction pieces, from a range of guest authors. Today Nishat Mehta, EVP global partnerships at Dunnhumby, looks at consumers’ increasing demand for control over their own data.

As social media has grown in the past decade, its biggest impact has been in empowering customers to become ‘prosumers’, able to produce as easily as they consume. News organisations now source a significant amount of news from individual contributors via Twitter, while Kickstarter is enabling consumers to contribute to the production of new products and services.

Even more seismic is the amount of data consumers are beginning to produce, and the impact that will have on the relationships they develop and maintain with retailers and brands. The growth of wearable and connected devices is already resulting in a massive increase of data, most of it produced by the customer. Every industry is going to have to rethink how they adapt to a world where access to the most valuable customer data is no longer their right, but rather a privilege.

The most valuable data is produced by the customer
From the beginning of retail trade, customer data has been critical to …read more

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