2015 Predictions: MobileROI

By Alex Spencer

Puneet MobileROI

It’s the final day of 2014, and we’ve got just one more prediction piece for you, going up tomorrow.

In previous posts, we’ve looked at many of the opportunities of new technology; MobileROI CEO Puneet Mehta looks at the potential stumbling blocks that come along with them.

Fast forward 12 months and, as we reflect back on 2015, an almost universal theme in conference rooms will be, “we let the cart get before the horse.”

2014 was a very exciting year for mobile marketers. Innovations like beacons hit the main stage; mobile payments finally received a much-needed boost; and advancements in personalisation and contextualisation had marketers rethinking their approach to mass advertising. It was a year when it was easy to get your head in the clouds, but it’s easy for all of us to get ahead of ourselves, racing to be the first to take advantage of the latest technological advancements without thoroughly thinking through the right strategy.

Below are four things I see marketers getting tripped up on in 2015:

Beacons require a delicate touch
“Buy one sweater, get one free!” “Free gift with purchase!” “Five per cent off!” This will be the consumer experience walking down the street in 2015, as …read more

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