2015 Predictions: Y Media Labs

By Alex Spencer

Vivek Rajanna Headshot

Vivek Rajnna, VP of engineering at Y Media Labs, shares the three trends he expects to dominate in the coming year

It’s reported that by next year, almost half the world’s population will have an internet connection. 3bn of them are expected to access it through mobile devices, and 2015 is widely predicted to be the year when mobile internet consumption overtakes usage from desktop computers and tablets.

The most important thing about this increased proliferation and focus on mobile is the opportunity it provides for innovation in communication, connected devices and even health. 2015 will be the year where we see further mobile integration with these technologies, making them faster and even more intuitive.

SMS messages are going the way of the dinosaur. The once-ubiquitous service that has trained a generation of people to fear talking on the phone will soon be as precious and antiquated as hand-written letters.

Messenger apps are quickly replacing traditional texting as the favored method of instant communication. The most obvious advantage is the cost: most traditional mobile carriers still charge for texting. Even the most comprehensive, attractive data plan will include some additional cost for texting. OTT messaging services, on the other hand, are free.

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