By David Murphy


Payment tech firm Adyen has announced the launch of an in-store digital checkout solution that will power tablet-assisted sales using Demandware’s Digital Store Solution. It is designed to help merchants create personalized shopping experiences and mobilise the sales process.

Demandware’s Digital Store Solution (DSS) is a tablet app that delivers in-store sales teams with customer, product and inventory data. Using the app, store associates can access a customer’s profile, view past purchases and buying behaviour, as well as product inventory availability, and use that information to create a more personalized shopping experience.

The Adyen offering links the Digital Store Solution to Adyen’s global payment platform. Merchants can accept all major international and local cards at the point of sale in 27 countries in Europe and the US through one technical interface and contractual agreement.

“Quality experience for shoppers today means not only slick service, but more choice and immediate fulfilment of that choice” said Ad Arreman, VP global strategic sales at Adyen. “Online payment technology at the point of sale opens doors not only to a wide range of new services for shoppers, but also to process and organisational efficiencies and marketing opportunities for the merchant.”

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Source:: Mobile App News