48 per cent of Digital Marketers feel Under-Resourced

By Tim Maytom

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A survey of UK digital marketing managers has revealed that the majority feel they are under-resourced and isolated from other elements of their businesses, with jobs that have become more complicated.

Despite overall UK digital ad spend growing by 17 per cent in H1 2014, 48 per cent feel their companies should invest even more in digital marketing to deliver better returns, with only 30 per cent feeling they have the balance right.

67 per cent say online and offline marketing need to be better integrated, and 66 per cent say more needs to be done to combine different disciplines within digital marketing, such as paid search, social and display. 34 per cent claim their boss has a poor understanding of digital, while 72 per cent feel their job has become more complicated in the past year.

The survey, which was commissioned by Marin Software and carried out by Censuswide, sought out the views of more than 200 UK digital marketing managers, and found that better integration of online and offline efforts, deeper understanding of audiences and better inter-discipline integration within digital marketing were the key priorities for 2015.

“As media has fragmented, so have marketing teams,” said Jon Myers, …read more

Source:: Mobile App News