54 per cent of UK Households Own a Tablet

By Tim Maytom

Outdoor Tablet Use

Just over five years after the launch of the iPad, 54 per cent of UK households now own a tablet computer, up from just two per cent in 2011, indicating the rapid rise in popularity that the mobile device has seen.

The new figures from Ofcom show that nearly two thirds of people aged 35-54 own a tablet, and 21 per cent of households who don’t currently own a tablet plan to purchase one within 12 months, suggesting that the growth tablets have seen is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

Children are proving to be the ‘tablet generation’, with 71 per cent of children aged five to 15 having access to a tablet at home, and 34 per cent owning their own device, up from 19 per cent in 2013. Even toddlers are getting in on the trend, with 11 per cent of three and four year olds owning their own tablet.

Gaming on tablets is increasing, with 15 per cent of adults using them to play games at least once a week, up from two per cent in 2011, as is app usage, with 86 per cent of adults who online on a tablet using apps …read more

Source:: Mobile App News