55 Adds Additional Third Party Tools to Google Tag Manager

By Tim Maytom


Ad tech agency and Google partner 55 has launched Cargo, a service that brings third-party tracking tools to Google Tag Manager, enabling app developers to update in-app ad tools in a matter of minutes.

The service aims to alleviate one of the largest frustrations for Android app developers, who are often unable to manage advertising tools such as analytics within their apps in real time, instead having to wait for a new version of the app to be released.

This was due to the code that managed such tools existing deep within the app, requiring fundamental changes that necessitated a new release. Tasks like removing tags meant finding and deleting old code within the app, adding to developers’ workloads while making it impossible to configure ad tools quickly.

Cargo gives marketers and developers full control over which ad tools are active on any given app, and enables configuration to be carried out in real-time. Marketers can manage a range of third-party ad tools including analytics, media attribution, mobile testing and notifications from within a single interface and across every instance of the app, saving time and development resources.

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Source:: Mobile App News