64 per cent of Marketers Planning on Increasing Retargeting Budgets

By Tim Maytom

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64 per cent of European marketers are planning to increase their spend on retargeting this year, as what was once a niche tactic becomes an increasingly central part of digital marketing.

39 per cent of marketers already spend between 25 and 50 per cent of their entire online ad budget on retargeting, but 44 per cent say that are not yet retargeting on mobile, indicating that the cookie issue is still plaguing attempts to do so on smartphones and tablets.

The figures, from a report by retargeting specialists AdRoll, show that brand awareness, sales and customer retention are the top marketing objectives in retargeting campaigns, while conversions and insight into customer behaviour are the top metrics of success.

74 per cent of marketers surveyed reported a lift in search campaigns when retargeting was added in, while 68 per cent reported a boost in email campaigns. In terms of best-performing channels, retargeting outranked paid search and paid social media.

“Our report shows that marketers have expanded the way they think about retargeting, and are heavily increasingly investment in the technology based on its high performance,” said Michael Bertaut, managing director for EMEA at AdRoll. “Retargeting has moved from a niche tactic to a …read more

Source:: Mobile App News