68 per cent of Casual Restaurant Patrons Prefer Tipping via Tablet

By Tim Maytom

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As the use of tablets within restaurants rises, customers are embracing the change, with 68 per cent of casual restaurant patrons preferring to tip via an iPad or similar tablet.

Figures were also high for fast casual dining (counter-service restaurants, such as Wetherspoons and Fuller’s) with 50 per cent of customers preferring to tip via tablet, and even in fine dining establishments, at 43 per cent.

The figures come from a report by Software Advice, which also found that 89 per cent of customers rated tipping using tablet point-of-sale (POS) systems as either ‘not at all difficult’ or ‘minimally difficult’, demonstrating the extent to which consumers are confident at dealing with such technology.

Shifting to tablet POS could also benefit serving staff, with 41 per cent of respondents saying that the server remaining in close proximity to guide them through the process of paying via tablet would either definitely or probably increase their likelihood to tip.

Keeping customers in control of their tip is crucial however – 66 per cent of patrons strongly prefer to input tips themselves, rather than having it set by the server, and 29 per cent of patrons are more likely to tip if they are also given …read more

Source:: Mobile App News