80 Per Cent of Brits Interested in Smart Home Device

By Alex Spencer

Bad news for connected fridges – majority of UK public say they're not interested

Bad news for connected fridges – majority of UK public say they’re not interested

80 per cent of people in the UK are interested in buying a smart home device of some description, according to research from Time UK.

Smart TVs currently have the biggest install base, with 23 per cent of people already owning one. A further 54 per cent said they would consider buying a smart TV in the future – leaving just 23 per cent who said they weren’t interested.

The biggest potential growth markets, according to the research, are smart lighting and remote controlled systems for household utilities and security. Each of these technologies currently has an install base of just five per cent, but 58 per cent of respondents said they’d consider buying smart lighting, 56 per cent household utilities, and 54 per cent security.

Smart watches and wristbands didn’t fare so well, with the majority of recipients (55 per cent) saying they would never consider buying one – and it was a similar story for app-controlled kitchen appliances, with 57 per cent not interested.

When people do make smart home purchases, they take their time – 74 per cent of owners said it took up to a month to …read more

Source:: Mobile App News