84 per cent of Brand Advertisers Support Move Towards Viewability

By Tim Maytom

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Viewability has become an increasing source of concern among brands and media buyers, with 84 per cent of advertisers stating they want to see a move towards viewable impressions rather than served impressions.

An IAB white paper on the subject, which provided the figure, hopes that by encouraging more discussion around the topic of viewability, it will lead to more confidence on the part of advertisers to invest in digital platforms.

The IAB is in the process of updating its recommendations for the European industry in regards to viewability, measurement and supply, and is keen to foster confidence and awareness around the issue.

“While digital ad spend has grown four-fold since IAB Europe started its AdEx Benchmark report in 2006 there are still several commonly acknowledged challenges which hold back further growth, and measurement is one these,” said Karim Attia, CEO of nugg.ad and chairman of the IAB Europe brand advertising committee. “This white paper aims to address the area of viewable impressions measurement specifically and will be followed with market consultations.

“During the year other initiatives such as the IAB Europe Measurement Blueprint and wider quality topics including environment and delivery will be developed within the brand advertising committee.”

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Source:: Mobile App News