By Alex Spencer


The average screen size for smartphones is on the rise, according to data from device detection firm 51Degrees.

Globally, the most popular screen size category for all smartphones, excluding iPhones, is now 5 – 5.5”. In May 2013, the norm was a whole inch smaller (4 – 4.5”) and less than a quarter of mobile web traffic came from 5 – 5.5” devices. Today, the majority of mobile browsing takes place on a screen size larger than 5”.

Smaller devices have seen a major drop-off, with sub-3.5” devices falling from 30 per cent to under 10 per cent.

Bigger isn’t always necessarily better, however. Despite occasional buzz around ‘phablets’, handsets with screens larger than 6” make up less than five per cent of traffic, and have shown very little growth over the last two years.

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Source:: Mobile App News