Adludio Launches New Ad Format with Nestle

By Tim Maytom


Ad tech company Adludio has unveiled a new mobile-optimised video ad format called PlayCaptcha+, with Nestle the first brand to adopt the format following its successful campaign earlier this year with Adludio’s existing PlayCaptcha format.

The format is an interactive alternative to CAPTCHAs, enabling brands to deliver their message even if the user decides to skip the video, with online consumers asked to complete a quick gesture-based activity to trigger the video content.

The new format was developed in partnership with Nestle in the build up to a new video campaign for Shreddies cereal, and combines Adludio’s interactive brand engagement with an online video ad.

“One of the major complaints from brands using online video is that users skip five seconds in and miss all of the messaging, ensuring brand recall is often poor,” said Howard Kingston, co-founder and chief marketing officer for Adludio. “By triggering video content with PlayCaptcha, which has proven to drive the recall of KitKat’s messaging in the past, this concern is eliminated.

“Mobile – and mobile video in particular – is becoming a fast-growth area for brands to move into, but we need to make sure it works for brands and consumers enjoy it; that’s …read more

Source:: Mobile App News