Adobe Snaps Up Tumri for Dynamic Programmatic Creative Solution

By David Murphy


Adobe has acquired the Tumri advertising technology (also known as Ensemble) from Collective, to extend its programmatic advertising capabilities with dynamic creative functionality in Adobe Media Optimizer, Adobe’s demand-side platform.

Adobe says the tech will help advertisers scale the impact of their display ads by providing a missing link in the current advertising process: the ability to serve the most effective creative content during the programmatic ad buying process. The tech will enable advertisers to build, personalise and deliver creative assets in real time using flexible ad templates.

“Creative optimisation takes place at the last millisecond of marketing and can make or break consumer engagement and conversions,” said Justin Merickel, senior director of advertising solutions at Adobe. “Tumri is a strong Dynamic Creative Optimisation solution, validated by the market, and the integration with Adobe Media Optimizer will bolster our advertising capabilities across channels.”

With DCO capabilities, advertisers can test to see what creative content is most effective. Additional parameters available in Adobe Marketing Cloud and Adobe Audience Manager, including demographic and location data, can be added to DCO to determine what combination of ad creative and copy resonate best among specific audience segments. Essentially, different versions of the same display ad …read more

Source:: Mobile App News