Alibaba Developing Facial Recognition Payment Tech

By Alex Spencer


Chinese eCommerce giant Alibaba is developing a mobile payment system that uses facial recognition technology to authenticate

The technology was demonstrated by Alibaba founder Jack Ma at the CeBit conference, who used it on-stage to buy a gift for the mayor of Hannover, the conference’s host city.Pressing ‘buy’ activates a selfie-style feed from the device’s front-facing camera, and payment is automatically completed once the account holder’s face has been detected. You can watch the presentation below (skip to the 1:20 mark for the demo).

The technology is intended to be publicly available by 2017, as part of the company’s Alipay service, which is well-established in China but has recently expanded to more Western merchants, including H&M and Airbnb.

Alibaba isn’t the only company working on this kind of technology. At last month’s Mobile World Congress, we interviewed Swiss company OneVisage, which is working on a similar concept.

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Source:: Mobile App News