Amazon Launches Dash Button to Instantly Re-order FMCG Products

By Alex Spencer

Amazon Dash

April Fool’s Day is an interesting time to write about tech, not least because it highlights how blurred the line between hoax and reality can be in this industry.

Take for example Amazon’s latest launch, the Dash button – a small wi-fi-enabled plastic tag that can be placed in the home to instantly order products at the literal push of a button. We initially dismissed the Dash, because it sounds exactly like the kind of April Fool’s joke that big tech companies post this time every year, but Amazon has since confirmed that it’s real.

The Dash can be used to re-order the kind of small household purchases that frequently run out between larger shops, such as kitchen roll, razors or detergent, by syncing with the Amazon app on the user’s smartphone. The idea is that the button’s adhesive patch or hook will be used to attach it in the most relevant location, whether that’s in the kitchen, the bathroom or on the side of the washing machine.

Amazon has partnered with a number of FMCG brands to offer their products through the Dash system, including Kraft, Tide and Huggies. It is currently offering over 250 products in partnership with the scheme, and …read more

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