AOL UK Reveals Cross-device Linking Technology

By Tim Maytom

Cross platform range of devices multichannel omnichannel

AOL UK has released its new cross-device linking technology that it hopes will empower advertisers to engage with people across various screens and platforms and allow them to plan programmatically across a wide array of premium inventory.

The technology aims to create ‘people-centric’ marketing, built on a combination of deterministic and probabilistic behaviours and utilising both first and third party data. comScore has verified the new technology as having an industry-leading match rate of 93 per cent.

“Device linking enables advertisers to reevaluate how they engage with audiences, moving away from the siloed targeting of individual devices and towards a single meaningful conversation with their audience, regardless of their consumption habits,” said Matt King, senior commercial mobile manager at AOL UK.

“Device linking enables brands to reach consumers on multiple platforms and tailor the content for each channel, whilst optimising towards holistic results and reducing duplicate ads and waste.”

The lack of cross-device targeting is often cited as the primary barrier to more marketers adopting mobile, and with the explosion of new types of devices and the technological complexity that accompanies them, solutions to this problem become increasingly important.

AOL UK has worked with a number of companies to attain a more complete …read more

Source:: Mobile App News