App Store Updates Allow Bigger Apps, Marijuana, But No Guns

By Alex Spencer

Apps stock image

Apple has made a host of updates to its App Store, changing a number of the restrictions on submissions from app developers.

The most attention-grabbing of these changes is the increase of the maximum size for apps. This is the first time the 2GB limit set at the App Store’s launch has been changed – and Apple has immediately doubled it, to 4GB. The move is presumably driven by the growing complexity and sophistication of mobile games, which increasingly require large chunks of storage.

Apple has also tightened the restrictions on family-friendly content in the App Store listings. Apps featuring guns or ‘violence against a human being’ now have to remove these elements from screenshots, videos and even their icons, according to Pocket Gamer, leading some developers of shooting games to simply pixelate these assets.

Elsewhere, however, another rule has been relaxed. Massroots, a social networking app for cannabis users, was banned from the App Store in January due to restrictions on “apps that encourage excessive consumption of alcohol or illegal substances”. Following a petition from the company, the app has been reinstated, though with a region lock that ensures it cannot be downloaded outside the 23 US states where medicinal marijuana …read more

Source:: Mobile App News