Apple Pay Glitch Charges Bank of America Users Twice

By Tim Maytom

apple pay

Around 1,000 Bank of America debit transactions made using Apple‘s new mobile wallet solution were mistakenly duplicated, charging customers twice.

According to Bank of America, who spoke to CNN Money, the error was due to Apple Pay, rather than their own systems. It was attributed to a processing mistake between the bank and at least one payments network.

Apple have said that they are aware of the issue impacting a small number of users, and are working on a fix that will be available shortly. Any duplicate transactions will be reversed.

The glitch is exactly the sort of bad publicity Apple doesn’t need in order to encourage a wide adoption of its mobile wallet feature, especially following the bug-laden rollout of iOS 8.

There have also been reports that many employees at retailers who accept Apple Pay have not been trained in its use, and in some cases were not even aware whether or not the store accepted the system.

While many of these initial kinks are likely to be worked out in the next few weeks, as both employees and customers get used to the Apple Pay system, Apple was undoubtedly hoping to avoid these sort of issues …read more

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