Are Operators Planning to Block All Mobile Ads?

By Alex Spencer

Shine's 'before and after' visualisation of mobile sites and apps with its ad blocker

Shine’s ‘before and after’ visualisation of ad-blocked mobile sites and apps

Mobile operators are planning to block mobile ads on their networks. That was the report in the Financial Times – and at first glance it looks like a proclamation of doom for the mobile advertising industry. On closer inspection, however, this might not be quite the earth-shattering development it first appears.

Israeli tech firm Shine does appear to be in talks with a number of operators to deploy its mobile ad blocking solution at their data centres, effectively deleting any display ads served over the operator’s mobile data connection, both on the mobile web and in apps – and at least one of these operators is set to introduce the ad blocking in “the next few months”, according to Shine CMO Roi Carthy.

Initially, operators adopting Shine’s technology sounds like the logical result of the tensions between operators and the providers of OTT services such as Facebook and WhatsApp. “If you can’t beat them, block them,” as Jon Hook, VP advertising strategy at Phunware, put it.

According to an operator executive cited by the FT, the ad blocking technology could be used to “bring [Google] to the negotiating table”. To achieve …read more

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