Aseptika Rolls Out SENSOR I mHealth App

By David Murphy

Aseptika has launched the SENSOR I iPad app, which is designed to support clinical studies in respiratory research, and for use by people with long-term respiratory conditions who want to self-monitor and self-manage their health at home.

The SENSOR suite of apps was designed and trialled in collaboration with an NHS Trust in a recently-completed clinical trial in Hampshire, funded by NHS England, through the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) Healthcare programme.

The app has been designed for use by people of any age, but is especially inclusive for older patients; the colourful user interface, step-by-step instructions and motivational messages enable the user to collect 40 vital signs and questions about their daily health, in less than 10 minutes a day.

The volunteer patients were able to measure daily, without supervision: lung function by simple spirometry; blood oxygen saturation; blood pressure; heart rate; and levels of physical activity and body composition. The trial also included a number of questions capturing the data routinely requested in paper-based questionnaires, which are generally only undertaken at the start, middle and end of research studies. Aseptika said the response of volunteers who took part in the trial, whose average age was 67, was highly positive.

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