Attack the Block

By Alex Spencer

Victor Malachard

Victor Malachard, co-founder and CEO of Byyd looks at whether advertising in-app is the solution to the growing adoption of ad blockers.

Debate is hotting up around ad blockers. Earlier this year, a German court case ruled against publishers Die Zeit and Handelsblatt, who claimed AdBlock Plus was anti-competitive. In a delicate situation that balances the rights of advertisers to publicise, and publications to monetise, the judgement was for the consumer’s right to use the plug-in.

However, software ad blockers of whatever flavour are unlikely to make much impact where in-app advertising is concerned. So let’s rebalance this issue. My message for advertisers is: if you want to reach all demographics, with the most likelihood of viewability, deliver on mobile and in-app.

The value exchange
Desktop users are largely blind to the value exchange – that is, the concept of giving something, to get something back. Most of the content they consume is via the web, using a browser. They will happily surf page after page of free content without really considering how that content gets there. Apart from anomalous paywalls such as the FT or The Times, it’s free now, and it was always free.

With mobile, there’s a much greater awareness …read more

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