Average Opt-in Rates for Push Notifications Down to 43 Per Cent

By David Murphy


Urban Airship has released key findings from what it claims is the industry’s largest study of push notification opt-in rates, spanning nearly 3,000 apps and 100bn push notifications, sent to more than 500m mobile users during 2014.

High, medium and low opt-in rates were calculated for 15 industries using the performance of apps in the 90th, 50th and 10th percentiles to offer actionable benchmarks. Across every industry, high-performing apps see notification opt-in rates above 50 per cent, while multiple industries are above 70 per cent. In contrast, medium-performing apps see an average opt-in rate of 43 per cent.

The study focused on opt-in rates for iOS apps, as Android users are automatically opted in to notifications on app download. Urban Airship analyzed customer data in aggregate to identify apps with at least 5,000 downloads that had sent at least 1,000 cumulative pushes in one month. Analysis included 2,946 apps that had collectively sent more than 93bn notifications to more than 533m users.

For industry-specific insights, apps were manually categorized into 15 industry verticals with results grouped into high, medium and low ranges using 90th, 50th and 10th percentiles. Year-over-year comparisons were calculated using Urban Airship’s Good Push Index study from December …read more

Source:: Mobile App News