Awards Preview – Charity Campaign or Solution

By Alex Spencer

Awards crowd shot

The 2014 Effective Mobile Marketing Awards Ceremony takes place on 27 November in London. Between now and then, we are throwing the spotlight on the finalists in each of the 26 categories. Today, we take a closer look at the nominees in the Most Effective Charity Campaign or Solution category.

WPN Chameleon – UNICEF UK Mobile Web Donations
WPN Chameleon worked with UNICEF UK to design and implement a simple, intuitive mobile web donation funnel. The three-step process puts the donor in charge, allowing them to choose the frequency, amount and payment method they use to donate. As a result, the number of mobile donations increased 167 per cent year-on-year.

Cancer Research UK – Play to Cure: Genes in Space
Genes in Space is a game which gives every player the chance to help with the development of a cure for cancer. By visualising genetic data as a familiar mobile game, the app uses the human eye to spot patterns and analyse data six times faster than using traditional lab methods.

Canal & River Trust – Readymade #WaterwayDays
Research showed that families, a core target audience for the Canal & River Trust, didn’t know their nearest ‘nice’ stretch of canal or what they could find …read more

Source:: Mobile App News