Banks Drive Finance Mobile Ad Spend in EMEA

By Tim Maytom


While insurance still leads the pack globally, banking brands and advertisers in the EMEA market have surged forward in mobile ad spending, accounting for 62 per cent of the financial market.

The figures come from Millennial Media‘s latest SMART (Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting) report, which uses data from thousand of ad campaigns and billions of impressions run using the company’s platform.

Among the findings were the fact that finance advertisers running EMEA campaigns were heavily over-indexed for seeking to further brand awareness and engagement, with 38 per cent of finance campaigns citing this as their prime objective, compared to 14 per cent across all advertisers.

Looking at post-click campaign actions, driving registrations and subscriptions was higher than the global average at 29 per cent. In fact, it drew with site search as the most commonly used post-click action.

“The lesson from this report for finance brands is clear,” said a Millennial Media representative. “As adults under the age of 50 spend 57 per cent of their time in finance content on mobile devices, integrating emerging mobile finance technologies into digital strategies will help gain consumer adoption with these mobile-savvy audiences, while keeping your brand relevant.”

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Source:: Mobile App News