Be accountable. Hold someone else accountable.

I’m  looking for a potential accountability coach. I find that in many cases, most of the folks I’ve been introduced to, well, they aren’t up to the task. Sometimes they don’t have the track record of success I desire. They aren’t as disciplined as I or they don’t even go to the trouble to return an email. I’m sure I’ll find a fit soon. However, in the meantime, this is my next step.

Accountability 3d Word Collage Responsibility Culpability Duty

I’m putting it out there. I’m am going to share my goals, plans, and implementations with a small select group of people who will meet on a conference call or Google Hangout once a week. I’ll lead and facilitate the group and only participants who want accountability in their professional lives are invited to take part. I’ll share activities and goals as will all participants in the group. The group is about ACCOUNTABILITY. I’m not interested in self help, personal growth, or anything else. I’m only interested in hanging out for 45 minutes or so a week with five others who will commit to publishing their commitments and  behaviors and then reporting those to the group on a weekly call.

If you think you’re interested in making your implementations for 2015 public to a small group of like-minded folks who will hold  you accountable, you may be a fit. The group will operate in complete confidence and will be limited to 5 people.

To learn more, email Sherman Mohr at shermanmohr at shermanmohr dot com and I’ll share the guidelines.

Please only inquire if you’re serious about accountability in your professional life.



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