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By Alex Spencer

Victor Chauhan Digital

GfK consultant Victor Chauhan considers how mobile data can be used for better targeting, personalisation and loyalty.

Despite predicting massive growth for mobile commerce, a recent study by Barclays showed that 70 per cent of retailers lack mobile-optimised sites or apps.

Given the importance of using big data to drive mobile strategies, GfK Mobile Insights analysed online mobile retail activity in January 2015. Half of the smartphone users accessing the mobile web over the network visited a retail site. That’s 16.5m people – or almost a quarter of the entire population of the UK. This number of people generates huge quantities of behavioural data.

Yet the mobile phone is an inherently personal device, so a mass market approach isn’t appropriate. With the right marketing approach, retailers can improve their targeting, personalisation and customer loyalty. So how can they turn big data into smart data to create successful mobile marketing strategies?

Getting smart
In the first month of 2015, 48 per cent of people who visited a retail site or app from their mobile phone visited eBay, and 34 per cent visited Amazon.

Analysis of our Mobile Insights data reveals that a high proportion of users of mobile retail sites and apps are women aged …read more

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