BlackBerry Bets on Old-school Design with the Classic

By Tim Maytom

blackberry classic

BlackBerry is hoping to recapture its glory days with new smartphone model the Classic, which sees the manufacturer return to the full physical Qwerty keyboard the brand was known for.

The phone, which also incorporates a 3.5-inch touch display and a digital assistant which responds to voice and text commands, was launched at an event by the company which aimed to recapture its enterprise-focused audience following years of slumping sales.

In addition to the phone, which integrates BlackBerry’s app storefront focused on productivity and business applications, and BlackBerry Hub, which manages emails, texts, social media and calendar appointments, the company announced new enterprise solution bundles aimed at capturing the business market.

The Secure Productivity bundle includes two factor authentication to ensure data remains secure, encrypted messaging and tools for IT administration, while the Enterprise Communicator bundle groups together collaborative meeting software with secure messaging capabilities.

BlackBerry also unveiled partnerships with healthcare provider Mackenzie Health and mobile communications firm Ingram Micro Mobility, both of which will be adopting the BlackBerry Classic throughout their company, and with a wide variety of app developers who will be populating BlackBerry’s ecosystem with enterprise-focused software.

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