BMW and Tamoco Team Up for NFC Magazine Ad

By Tim Maytom


BMW and London tech startup Tamoco have unveiled Europe’s first magazine ad campaign to incorporate NFC tags into print media, enabling the company to track and analyse reader responses using its cloud-based platform.

The technology and platform were developed by proximity marketing specialists Tamoco, who have also run NFC-based campaigns for AT&T as part of the Tribeca Film Festival, and recently placed NFC tags in beer mats throughout London prompting party-goers to use Uber to get home safely.

The four-page advert for the BMW i3 and i8 will appear in the latest edition of German motoring magazine Speigel Wissen: Das Auto von Morgen (“The car of tomorrow”), with the NFC functionality enabling readers to app the page to instantly download the BMW app.

Using Tamoco’s platform, consumers who interact with the print ad will be directed to the most relevant content, based on their device’s operating system, and how often they have tapped the ad previously.

“There’s a certain ‘cool factor’ to using digital technology which helps brands amplify their own appeal to customers,” said Maximilian Birner, Tamoco’s CEO and founder. “It’s a two-pronged route of simplifying the way customers engage with a brand but also ensuring that …read more

Source:: Mobile App News