Brainstorm/MMA Survey Highlights Consumers’ Ambivalent Approach to Location Data

By David Murphy

Man on phone high street

The majority of consumers (74 per cent) are happy to share location data with third parties. However, most (72 per cent) believe that companies are not taking adequate steps to ensure the responsible use of location data and that further regulation is needed to ensure its responsible usage, with the under 35-age group adopting a more relaxed attitude than the over 35s.

These are two of the key findings of a consumer survey conducted on behalf of Brainstorm and the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) by Lightspeed GMI amongst 1,000 mobile phone users.

The study reveals that while in general consumers are willing to share their location data, they are seeking reassurances that they won’t be bombarded by ads; or that there is a tangible social benefit in sharing their data, such as fighting crime or improving health care; or that there is a personal enticement such as a money-off voucher.

For those who are willing to allow location data to be collected, certain other reassurances are also important. 32 per cent want their details to remain anonymous, while 27 per cent want transparency into the proposed usage of the data and 25 per cent insist on actively opting in. …read more

Source:: Mobile App News