Breaking Bad Location

By David Murphy

Blis Paul Thompson

Paul Thompson, MD at BlisMedia, argues that advertisers need audience scale as well as accurate location data for their campaigns to be successful.

A lot of the “new kids on the block” in the mobile advertising world have recently been talking about the issue of location data “inaccuracy” – the term used to describe inaccurate, fraudulent and incomplete location data which is often supplied by publishers to increase the value of an impression. And quite rightly too. However, verifying the quality of data should be standard practice in any business dealing with huge volumes of data and not some massive revelation or secret sauce.

These new kids are also missing a crucial point. Removing data also removes audience scale which is required to make the proposition work for advertisers. So the question is: How do you remove bad data while maintaining a scalable audience?

We agree that if location advertising is done badly it wastes advertisers’ money because their ads are not sent to the right location. The industry is trying to address this issue and while location-targeting verification does filter out bad location data, it can remove as much as 85 per cent of the original audience. Using data mining, …read more

Source:: Mobile App News