BrightRoll Launches Partner Program to Expand Video Ad Ecosystem

By Tim Maytom


Programmatic video ad platform BrightRoll, which was recently acquired by Yahoo for $640m (£408m), has unveiled a partner program aimed at bringing technology and data companies together to develop advanced capabilities within the video ad ecosystem.

Over 100 companies have already joined the consortium, including Oracle BlueKai, ComScore, Datalogix, Innovide, Nielsen and Equinix. Those participating in the program will provide marketers with a range of tools and expertise to help improve the efficiency and reach of programmatic video campaigns.

Among the insights offered by the BrightRoll partner program are techniques for improving audience targeting, creative development and delivery, technology infrastructure, and measurement and validation.

“We established the BrightRoll partner program to ensure marketers have access to best-in-class products and services to maximise the efficiency of their video advertising campaigns,” said Brent Horowitz, vice president of business development for BrightRoll.

“The program allows partner members to improve the effectiveness of their own services on our platform, and in turn, pass those benefits on to the programmatic video advertising ecosystem. We believe this addresses our clients’ individual needs and helps advance the industry as a whole.”

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Source:: Mobile App News