British Gas: A Hive of Activity

By Alex Spencer

Tom Guy

By now, plenty of brands have established a strong presence on mobile. Many have even taken their first steps into the next generation of technology, in particular wearable devices and the Internet of Things, but very few can actually say they’ve actually built a business around these upcoming technology. One notable exception to this is British Gas, which last September launched its connected home brand, Hive.

“Two years ago this office, this brand, didn’t exist,” says Tom Guy, product & commercial director of Hive, who will be speaking at Mobile Marketing Life next week. “Now, we have a product with well over 100,000 users.”

Hive’s first product, Active Heating, wasn’t developed at British Gas’ Staines headquarters. Instead, a specialist Connected Homes office was set up in London last January, which has grown from half a dozen staff to a fully-fledged independent office. Guy says the division is treated almost as an entirely separate entity to its parent company: “We run the business as you would with any customer-focused technology start up. As much as possible, you want to get rid of the noise.”

Hive evolved from British Gas’ previous foray into smart thermostat technology: Remote Heating Control (RHC), an app launched in …read more

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