Buy-in Time

By David Murphy

Bupa Patricia_Nunez_2014

So Patty, some people may be surprised to see BUPA speaking at a retail event, what’s the story?

The reason I was asked to speak was because of my experience in change management, getting board-level buy-in and getting stakeholders on board for digital projects that the organisation knows it needs, but at the same time, because this is often new stuff, where the ROI may not be immediately obvious, and there are no guarantees.

So I’m actually going to talk about some of my failures to get stakeholder buy-in and the lessons learned from that. Sure, Bupa is a financial services company, but there are a lot of parallels between the stuff I’ve been doing for the past six years here, and the way retailers are having to reinvent themselves to take account of changing customer behaviour, with respect to showrooming, social sharing, peer reviews and just the different approach we all have these days to shopping.

So what experience do you have of this?

So as I said I’ve been at BUPA for six years, and the financial services industry is very conservative, very traditional so it’s very hard to push change through, and I think the biggest failures I’ve …read more

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