CES Highlights: Day One

By Tim Maytom

petnet smartfeeder

After a considerable build-up, and revelations a-plenty already, CES finally opened the doors of its three show halls and welcomed crowds of consumers, industry experts, exhibitors and journalists in to the main event.

The Smart Home
The connected home and the increasing number of smart appliances has been a big theme of this year’s CES, with everything from washing machines to plant pots now feeding information to each other and learning your habits.

Among the innovations on show was the Petnet Smartfeeder, which holds around two weeks worth of pet food, and uses an algorithm that takes a pet’s age, weight, health and level of activity into account, as well as the type of food, to produce an optimised schedule of how much it should be fed.

The Smartfeeder connects to a mobile app, enabling owners to adjust feeding schedules and manage portion sizes, and sending notifications when food needs to be replenished.

Mobile health was also addressed, with Aterica‘s new Veta smart case for EpiPens. Designed to replace the standard plastic cases used to carry and store EpiPens, which are used by people with severe allergies, the Veta case connects to your smartphone and notifies friends and family …read more

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