CES Highlights: Day Two

By Tim Maytom

oculus rift crescent bay

With most of the major announcements made, day two of CES 2015 has given attendees a chance to explore some of the more unusual stands on the various showfloors across the Las Vegas conventions’ three halls, and take a look at how brands are adapting to the changing face of mobility.

Oculus is at CES, demonstrating its new prototype Crescent Bay version of its Rift virtual reality headset, and giving people a chance to try out its latest advances in the realm of immersive media.

The Crescent Bay is a huge leap forward in terms of user experience, eliminating the feelings of nausea that can often result from imperfect immersion in VR and delivering a true sense of presence without any queasiness. The company have called it the first version of the Oculus Rift that surpasses the minimum standards it has set for a consumer launch for a headset, which is still only available to a limited audience.

The improved visual set-up of the Crescent Bay is accompanied by immersive audio technology which improves upon the Rift’s, with the soundscape changing as you tilt and move your head in a way that almost perfectly mirrors reality.

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