CES Highlights: Day Zero

By Tim Maytom


CES 2015 still hasn’t officially begun, but there’s been plenty of news and announcements coming from the three show floors in Las Vegas.

Google is planning on expanding the capabilities of its Chromecast dongle, which aims to transform your living room into an entertainment system powered by your phone, tablet or computer.

Originally designed to enable streamed video content to be ‘cast’ onto a television using the dongle, the Google Cast technology will now work with audio-only devices, including speakers and soundbars. Google is partnering with various hardware manufacturers, including Sony, LG and Denon, to produce speakers, soundbars and A/V receivers with the Google Cast tech integrated.

While this may sound similar to Apple’s aborted AirPlay speaker system, the key difference is that Google Cast devices will pull content from the cloud, rather than using your phone or tablet as the direct source, resulting in better quality audio and video.

Google continued their push into the entertainment space, with Sony announcing that all future Bravia Smart TVs will run Android TV as their software platform, making them compatible with the Google Cast technology and providing Google with a considerable foothold in the smart TV platform market.

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