CES Highlights: Pre-Show Announcments

By Tim Maytom

parrot h20

The 47th annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas hasn’t even officially begun yet, but that hasn’t stopped tech companies from unveiling their latest innovations to the audience of journalists, exhibitors and industry experts already assembled in the city.

Connectivity and the Internet of Things are the watchwords for this year’s show, with many devices boasting features that learn user patterns, or connect with other technology to provide analytics, feedback or simply extra utility.

Among the products on show at the CES Unveiled preview night on Sunday were Roost smart batteries, which use built-in wi-fi antennas to transform existing smoke detectors into smart devices, replacing the conventional 9-volt battery with an alternative that alerts your smartphone when it is running low on charge.

Parrot, largely known for drone and headphone technology, introduced two new devices, Pot and H2O, aimed at bringing the Internet of Things to green-fingered consumers. Pot, a smart planter for house plants and gardens, contains sensors that measure soil moisture, fertiliser, ambient temperature and light, notifying you via your smartphone on how best to care for your plant, while H20 is a smart spigot that can be placed into soil with a screw-top water bottle attached, watering your …read more

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