ComScore Preps Cross-Device Tracking Service

By Tim Maytom

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Media measurement company comScore is planning to introduce a new measurement method that will enable it to track video audiences across computers, mobiles and other streaming devices, producing more accurate statistics and aiding cross-device marketing.

With video making up over half of all mobile data, and over 52.8m European smartphone owners watching video content on their phones at least once a month, it is becoming increasingly important to include mobile in data like viewing figures for streaming content.

Previously, comScore’s measurements for digital video audiences has only included desktop and laptop viewing. The new metric will provide additional information for both television networks and advertisers, with initial research showing that digital viewership will be boosted by up to 30 per cent by including mobile devices.

“We want to make sure that video audiences get properly counted across all platforms,” said Serge Matta, comScore’s chief executive. “Everyone knows, for a platform to increase in usage, you need to have measurement. If you don’t there is no way you will get the appropriate credit and there is not a lot of advertising happening on that platform.”

The move is part of a wider strategy to take new viewing habits into …read more

Source:: Mobile App News