Consumers Believe They Are Worth £7 a Minute

By Tim Maytom

mobile value exchange

Mobile consumers believe that they are worth an average of £6.80 to advertisers for every minute of mobile advertising they engage with, according to a new international research study by Millennial Media and Opinium Research.

The study polled over 4,000 consumers across four different countries, exploring the value exchange consumers have with advertisers, particularly around mobile, which for many consumers is the most personal environment.

The research highlighted that most consumers have come to terms with the idea of free apps and content being supported by advertising. 79 per cent said they understood this value exchange, and 72 per cent said they expected ads on mobile devices in order to keep content free. Only three per cent typically paid for apps in order to remove ads.

Over a third of consumers that had engaged with a mobile ad within the previous 12 months on their smartphones (35 per cent) or tablet (38 per cent) have consequently been prompted to specific actions, with 13 per cent saving a page and 10 per cent adding a product to a shopping cart or wish list.

Of the 14 per cent who made a purchase after clicking on a mobile ad, 43 per cent …read more

Source:: Mobile App News