Cool or Creepy? RichRelevance Study Examines Attitudes to Personalisation

By David Murphy

Cool infographic

72 per cent of UK consumers find personalisation of product recommendations based on purchasing habits a “cool” capability when shopping. British shoppers also welcome location-based personalisation in store, with 63 per cent welcoming a mobile, personalised map showing item locations and efficient store paths to help them navigate stores more conveniently. Furthermore, 43 per cent find in-store location deals – where their location is tracked in order to trigger personalised promotions whilst shopping – “cool”.

However, seven in 10 UK shoppers would find facial recognition technology that identifies age and gender in order to display product recommendations “creepy”, while 76 per cent of British consumers felt the same about being greeted by their name when walking into a store because of their mobile phone signaling their entrance.

Broken down into national regions, the statistics show that consumers in Yorkshire and The Humber are the most creeped out by personalisation, with a “Creepy” score[1] of 30 per cent. However, London is nearly even-keeled when it comes to in-store technologies, with a “Creepy” score of just 2 per cent. Furthermore, the survey revealed that men are 5 per cent more likely than women to shop at a retail store that offers a digitally personalised …read more

Source:: Mobile App News