Cross-Device Attribution 101

By Tim Maytom

MS X360 App Second Screening

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Let’s call it the Cookie Problem. With the advent of digital advertising, marketers could suddenly track users around the internet, retargeting them with ads for products they had viewed but not bought, identifying them based on browsing habits and accessing a wealth of information that simply wasn’t available to them before.

Now, mobile offers the same sort of tracking, using device identifiers and similar methods, but the question has become how to join up these two ecosystems. This year, mobile will surpass desktop and laptop PCs in terms of the amount of time spent online by UK adults, having grown almost 500 per cent in the past four years. With such a profound shift towards mobile, marketers are asking how they can unify their efforts across the two increasingly equal channels, and also how to bring offline channels – TV, outdoor, print – into the mix.

“Existing marketers’ digital footprints and consumer marketing strategies need to adjust to a cross-device, people-centric world, where true user-level reach and frequency …read more

Source:: Mobile App News