Currys Tops Chart of Savvy Digital Strategies in UK Retail

By Tim Maytom


A study of the best digital promotions strategies currently employed by UK retailers has named electronics retailer Currys as the most tech-savvy brand, closely followed by Thomas Cook and Boots.

The study by RapidCampaign looked at the UK’s top 20 online retailers, and examined their cross-device strategies when it came to engaging consumers, driving revenues and elevating their brand presence.

The most common form of digital promotion was competitions, with 85 per cent of retailers employing this mechanism during campaigns, followed by vouchers and coupons, which were deployed by 75 per cent of brands.

However, the study found that very few retailers were employing more complex methods such as surveys or more interactive promotions, missing opportunities to engage customers in more meaningful ways and drive further sales.

Currys was praised for employing a smart promotions strategy with a keen sense of unification across multiple channels, such as interactive competitions led by social media, but hosted on its website and shared via email.

“In the current consumer landscape, your customers have a huge breadth of choice available to them, and it is increasingly harder to convince them to buy,” said Marko Luhtala, CEO of RapidCampaign. “It is persuasive and innovative promotions strategies …read more

Source:: Mobile App News