Deep Impact

By Alex Spencer


Sara Cole, ASO manager at Moburst, asks whether your app should taking advantage of deep linking.

Anyone involved in the mobile world for the past few years will be familiar with the constantly on-going developments that occur on a seemingly daily basis. One of those recent developments is the emergence of deep linking, as a way to reengage with existing users and to get new ones.

So how did deep linking, which has existed for the best part of a decade but was mainly used as a mobile advertising platform, suddenly gain recognition and attention?

The answer is simple: Google. The company has made many changes in recent years towards mobile, and has done everything in its power to become as mobile-friendly as possible. On 21 April, Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon’ update arrived, giving mobile-friendly pages a better ranking in mobile search. Earlier in the month, it released an app indexing update which enables Android apps with deep linking activated to appear in Google search results, whether or not they’re installed on the device.

How does it work?
Deep linking itself isn’t something which magically appears when searching for a website on mobile. If you’re an app developer, you’ll need to implement the code on both …read more

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