Detail-focused Shoppers Prefer Mobile Web to Apps

By Tim Maytom

Woman clothes shopping fashion showrooming

Retail mobile websites are seeing a resurgence as shoppers seeking a wealth of information prefer them over apps, which often offer a streamlined experience, a new report claims.

The report by Siteworx shows that 63 per cent of consumers are more likely to shop using a mobile web site rather than an app, a 7 per cent increase on last year’s figures, which the report claims is down to apps feeling too limited for many consumers who are using their smartphones to browse and explore ahead of purchasing.

Looking at what drives consumers to download retail apps, speed and special offers were key, with streamlined checkout processes and loyalty benefits ranking a little lower.

‘Showrooming’ continues to be a trend, but has decreased since last year, with the number of consumers using their phone to find a product at a lower price dropping from 39 per cent to 19 per cent. 37 per cent of shoppers checked reviews for products using the phones while shopping, the most popular use of a phone while in a store.

“This year’s data reveals a complex buyer journey whereby people are using multiple devices and multiple paths to purchase,” said Patricia Mejia, CMO of Siteworx. “Marketers …read more

Source:: Mobile App News