Digital Democracy: Mobile and Social on the Campaign Trail

By Alex Spencer

ELection pic

To mark today’s General Election in the UK, we are republishing this feature, which originally appeared in the March edition of our quarterly print magazine, in which Kirsty Styles looks at the role of digital marketing in politics, and the potential future for mobile voting.

Some of have billed the 2015 UK General Election as the ‘lottery election’ because of the colourful range of parties that are in a real position to win seats this time. And, just as the political race has been thrown a little more wide open, the digital world has come a long way since we last voted back in 2010 – no doubt contributing to the loosening grip of the ‘big two’ parties. But, despite near-peak smartphone penetration in the UK, policymakers are still yet to give the green light to online, or better yet mobile, voting.

Internet voting
In true, lumbering bureaucracy fashion, two different groups in parliament have been consulting simultaneously on proposals around a ‘digital democracy’. Speaker John Bercow’s Digital Democracy Commission has just produced its report, stating that internet voting could be online in time for the 2020 general election, while also noting that parliamentary language and procedures will need to be simplified by …read more

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