Domino’s Talks Xbox App and the Second Screen Opportunity

By Alex Spencer


Domino’s Pizza UK has launched the first retail app on Microsoft’s Xbox One games console.

Using the app, developed by Future Platforms, Xbox users will be able to order pizza directly while playing games or watching movies. Once they’ve made their order, the app tracks the delivery and displays real-time updates at the side of the screen.

We spoke to Paul Francis, head of eCommerce at Domino’s, about the app:

How did this Xbox app come about?

Two and a half years ago, we started a conversation with Microsoft about getting a presence on the Xbox, but it proved difficult to move that forward. It would have required a large investment of money on our part to get onto the Xbox 360 platform, and it just wasn’t as flexible as the Xbox One is today.

So instead we started with a Windows Phone 7 app, then WP8 and finally a universal Windows 8.1 app. We knew the Xbox One was coming, so the idea was to build something we could port over directly. We managed to port our Windows 8.1 app across to Xbox One in a couple of months.

Why Xbox?

Our target audience is a really good fit for the Xbox One – typically, gamers …read more

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